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Frequently asked questions

What is Leap Astra?

Leap Astra is an online education community that is passionate about Web3. Leap Astra’s mission is to educate, entreprenurialise and empower every Astronaut to join the web3 industry. Leap into web 3and soar beyond the stars

Who can take off with Leap Astra?

Leap Astra is for all web 3 novices. As a Astranaut we will take you from beginner to skilled innovator so that you can build, grow and create in Web 3.

What exciting things are happening with Astra Take-off?

Learn to Earn, Gamification and many more perks. This is a dynamic meta campus that evolves and grows according to industry and the Astranauts needs.

Partner and Leap into the future

Leap Astra’s core value is collaboration. We believe that only through collaboration will one be able to create a innovative metaverse
Please apply on our partnership page to partner with us